It’s a woman. So many battle scenes, they dun come cheap. OMG, he was supposed to be a beauty? While on her journey — as a red dolphin — she gets caught in a fishing net but is rescued by a human boy. He is the Manchu king lol. She said, in fact, the script team debated long and hard with the person who posed the question until they finally arrived at a satisfactory resolution. She quickly turned her body and the palace’s doors lightly swung open, there stood a young boy dressed in a black robe. “Next year’s today, we will meet again to decide the winner and loser.”. , I guess you just have to ignore that person *sigh*. When she calmed and regained her senses, she felt another presence coming, but it was too late, foot steps were already outside the door. If yes, pls keep me posted of any latest update especially the cast. The premise sounds interesting – wuxia, survival, friendship, romance … think I may have to check this out sometime! Anyway best not to adapt it bcos most adaptations are bad. Btw I got a rude comment which I’ve deleted from a rabid BZH’s fan saying that I m absurd to support that hypocrite revengeful bastard Dong Fang & WTF to the max. What was the reason for the female lead to love him to the point she was willing to sacrifice her own life? After the young black robed male heard the reply, he nodded his head and smiled, stepping into the palace. Xia Ling (An Yue Xi) is a recent college graduate who is still trying to find a job. Anyway we’ll wait & see. The Spies Who Loved Me is a romantic comedy about a woman who inadvertently gets dragged into the world of espionage. Having said that, I love what Tangren did for BBJX and hopefully, I will love them for what they are doing for Da Mo Yao but with these uninspiring news about the drama production for WGTW, I’m going, please don’t touch it. Thanks to WGTW’s author giving the drama adaptation no limits, letting the drama version have a larger room for a better visual to illustrate a touching story, thank you. The reason why she accepted to be screenwriter for WGTW is because she wanted to show people that the “fantasy wuxia genre” of dramas is not for the brain dead audience only and can be filled with creativity. Was spewing blood as I read her comments = =. Zhou Zi Shu, the disillusioned leader of a royal praetorian secret service, takes drastic measures to leave his former life behind and wanders the pugilist world. On top of that out of the 9 paintings, 8 persons’ paintings is of their front side, yet only this person in the painting is of his back. Around 15 to 16 years old, handsome face like jade, movements brought a certain grace. (There are rumors that the male lead role is up for grabs and Xiao Zhan, Yang Yang, and Song Weilong are among the choices, but I think it is now pretty much settled on Yang Yang.). I watched the Song Ning part of Huaxuyin and that part is pretty dang good! The problem is that it’ll take a lot of effort & dedication to film it well in all aspects. Type: Drama. ( Log Out /  I was first exposed to his horrendous acting in Gong, the rip off drama of BBJX. When he swathe second painting on the left side, his gaze paused upon it. 1. I haven’t read the book ( i think i only read chapter 1 and your excerpts and summary :D)… but wow such complexity (even in viet ha, as some of those words are not used in everyday usage). The young white robed female wanted to know more about this painting, so she concentrated fully on the female painting so she did not realize there was an extra person. Ma Ke is excellent as Sha Jiejie – he can be fierce and badass and gentle and vulnerable. Most of them are from yumama , PS. Get a rich coy like Alibaba to do it. This time, it’s the young black robed male to blank, thinking that since young, everyone compliments him as beautiful as jade, like an orchid’s grace, but has never been ridiculed as an animal before. Before the white robed girl can open her mouth again, he spoke: “Since princess said this is a forbidden ground, why are you also here?”, The white robed girl blanked, then suddenly returned to her royal princess posture, “I (ben gong) am also curious about this palace’s paintings. Also, I want to know if she & Abu are the OTP. Your Kaptain at AVV already told u there are plenty of ancient novels waiting to be adapted and guess what? Prologue It’ll be a dream team if both of them also get a role in the drama as the second male lead is also rather memorable. Well, HG doesn’t really look like HFX but for an A-list actor, I feel he is the most suitable compared to FSF, HXM, LK, EP etc. Btw, when the screenwriter asked, “what was the reason for the female lead to love him to the point she was willing to sacrifice her own life?”, I got confused. With his hair down, I feel that he looks like a mad man:(. Categories: Who Gets the World | Tags: Ancient, C-novel, Translation, Who Gets the World, 且试天下 | Permalink. Cat videos. 16. She also complained that I m misleading ppl in writing this post since I didn’t finish reading the book or watch the drama. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. All translations on this blog are for non-commercial purposes. Overall: Who Rules The World is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2021). She gets hired as a pastry chef in an upscale restaurant and must work hard to prove her skills in the baking world. *EPUB, etc. The exception is Hei Feng Xi has more redeeming qualities and more heroic. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. I also don’t like overuse of CGI because I like more realistic scenes. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of any material on this site, without the express and written permission from the blog’s owners is strictly prohibited. I still say, read the darn novel and you should know the answer. Hopefully some better company can take over cus I really don’t want my favorite novel ruined. It can be hard to navigate such a wild and massive world of a website with years’ worth of content being uploaded daily. Since Soon-ae thinks she can’t move on to the afterlife until she gets laid, she works her magic with Bong-sun to find the perfect match. Lidge wanna marry FSF after she watched 4 Women Conflicts. I really missed her beautiful voice ^_^. After seeing the paintings, she quickly walked over. Wah, great news since they dun seem to know what they are doing. They made Dongfang have this epic hatred against BZH but honestly it doesn’t affect how I think of DF cuz he’s still awesome. Have you watched the Huaxuyin drama? Everyone has diff preference. Or anyone else in WGTW for that matter. Did u follow the scriptwriter on weibo? I’m sorry I’m biased towards good looking actors. “Okay!” The young black robed male reached his hand out. Anyone agree with me? Only looking at this painting do you know who is the real ‘beauty (mei ren)” said the white robed girl with a hint of mockery. Please do not make a copy of our translations in any distributable format, including, but not limited to, *.PDF, . But only the back, however that unrestrained aura was seemingly flying out of the painting, leaving awe. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Unlike me, Acrosstime can read Chinese. Who Gets the World (且试天下) Drama News & Snippet, ONE LIFE ONE INCARNATION: BEAUTIFUL BONES (Completed), THE TWELVE YEARS: SONG OF THE UNSUNG FRIENDS (Ongoing),, Dream of a Floating Life Promise for Three Lifetimes, Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, 75 Most Popular Chinese Romance Internet Novels. But Louis is a bona fide movie star now so I doubt he’ll accept this role. For those, who can understand Chinese, I strongly recommend you to read the novel or listen to the audio book. ZHAO LUSI AS FEMALE LEAD IN THE CHINESE DRAMA “WHO GETS THE WORLD… I just found it on mian mians ximalaya today with both mains of wgtw! One day, just for my dedication to WGTW, I will soldier through. In my mind that’s who it was eluded to from reading WGTW. Chapters Index:  . I don’t really fancy harem kind drama/novel, always fighting for the emperor/prince’s affection . I dun mind it being adapted if done well. Yah, I heard abt that novel in Mian Mian’s ximalaya blog but I dun dare to start it until it is substantially finished. I’ll be watching this space for more WGTW drama news even though they will all just make me cry. Like me, Acrosstime is a super fan of the audio book. I didn’t look into it. Hi! It tells the story of four friends in their mid-20’s struggling to survive in a world that has seemingly turned its back on them. I can’t speak much for the epic characterization and novel butchering though. Calm down, if it is bad, you can always don’t watch & just listen to the audio book. In a blink of an eye the shadow was already in front of the Ling Xiao Dian. I haven’t heard of Night Song until you mentioned it just now. Music videos. When they meet again, both know in their heart to “forget yet cherish” that promise. OH MY GOD. What a Goddamn waste of Jiang Xin’s talent. While the white robed female was observing, the young black robed male was also strangely observing her. Change ). Link Copied. No wonder long time no news. Thanks gigi but I am not holding out high hope. Haha, you are so passionate abt this novel. I don’t really know who can portray such a complex character like Hei Feng Xi well but if I’ve to pick names then I’ll pick either Hu Ge or Yuan Hong. And she jokingly said that she was making sure they preserved the “black belly” trait of HFX, yet the fans still got upset. I think their actors are doing a superb job at bringing the characters to life. Oh, my god. This is bcos she uploaded WGTW again but with a diff name. The most fantastic drama of the world is "W Two Worlds". LOL I like Yang Yang enough (a promising young actor who at least puts in effort in trying to bring his roles to life) but I’m not sure if it’s enough to entice me to watch the drama, unless there’s like a YY cut or something hahaha . Genres: Historical, Romance, Wuxia. But Nodame Cantabile, the korean version is in production right now and I’m afraid they can’t embody the characters of Chiaki and Nodame that was already done in PERFECTION with the japanese version already. The drama is so different from the novel that I can’t even predict what will happen next. So fingers crossed it won’t be her, or pull they won’t pull a Michelle Chen as XLN casting for BFX. Nonetheless I don’t think FSF is ugly, just ok. You must watch the MV with HG, the best fan-made MV for WGTW. But it may come as a surprise to some new to the world of Asian dramas to know that yes, there are full-length Chinese dramas on YouTube, free to all, with subtitles. Chinese Paladin (2005) Chinese Paladin 3 (2009) Xuan-Yuan Sword: Scar of Sky (2012) Swords of Legends (2014) Legend of Zu Mountain (2015) The Journey of Flower (2015) Chinese Paladin 5 (2016) Noble Aspirations (2016) Eternal Love (2017) Fighter of the Destiny (2017) Xuan-Yuan Sword: Han Cloud (2017) Ashes of Love (2018) Martial Universe (2018) I’m looking for a Chinese drama; I forgot the title, but in one of the scenes, the man loses his eyesight, and has to go get electrocuted. Suddenly you looked up but only to see a flash of white light. Jackie Chan, who starred in the original film, was credited as the producer for the series. I loved SQM best in the novel (followed by DF) so it’s nice to see them well portrayed in the drama. Or is it more like somewhere hanging in between? As it would be a waste of time for me to translate the translated chapters again, I have put the links for them above and will start my translation at Chapter 4. For those, who can’t understand Chinese, I strongly don’t recommend you to use google translate to read the novel because the Chinese in the novel is just too advanced and poetic which google can’t handle. LOL. “This is Feng Chao Wang, namely Da Dong’s (country) most handsome male in his day. And I think he’s perfect as Jiu Ye in DMY even though so many people thought he’d be perfect as Huo Qu Bing. Did I mention their costumes were the ugliest things ever?? AHH, it burns. Hoju thinks Yan Kuan is a good choice but I find him kind of boring and serious looking:P For those who’ve read or listened to the novel, who do you think is most suitable to be Hei Feng Xi? Ideas free to stream and download. I was so happy with the audiobook. Who Rules The World cast: Yang Yang, Rosy Zhao, … Read more Who Rules The World (2021) She then got flamed for calling WGTW a “fantasy wuxia,” with fans saying there was nothing “fantasy” about it. He unexpectedly gets involved in a conspiracy after he… Watch Trailer Then she looked inside and saw multiple paintings hanging on the palace walls. PEANUTS! Thanks for the link! I need the grand scale feel, not cartoonish. Says that there should be an official announcement soon. ( Log Out /  And so I respectfully ask, fans, what is the answer to the question?”. A beautiful woman dressed in white, yet wild like the wind. He is alright but he doesn’t give me the Hei Feng Xi’s vibe because I always find the characters he had portrayed weak and useless. This novel has really, really, really long chapters – the equivalent of 3 normal chapters lol. Zhang Danfeng is a great actor and no matter how much they try to make him a bad guy he still makes DF way more interesting and complex than Wallace’s BZH. Zhao Lusi's Upcoming Drama Who Rules The World - Male Lead Update - YouTube. So is it official that there won’t be a drama? Despite her young age, she revealed a presence of grace beyond her age. A noble princess who is beautiful and glamorous, with the ambition to reign supreme in the palace harem. “Who is this person? WGTW is great because the romantic subplot doesn’t dominate the story – we also have lots of world-building and background to go along with interesting characters. His martial arts is matchless, he is proud and strong, ambitious, and arrogant. Chapter 1: Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 In the middle of her forehead rested a string of black beads with a half moon like accessory. Kang Hye-soo (Uee) is a single mother who struggles to raise her daughter while paying off her late husband's debts. DF is no angel but I don’t find him that bad. The bad news is the author will not be participating in the script writing and the scriptwriter doesn’t seem to understand the novel/characters well:( I am afraid he’ll white wash my Hei Feng Xi as he commented that HFX is too conniving and selfish and couldn’t understand why Bai Feng Xi would love him! A famed intelligent princess who is good at martial arts, determined to guard her country and people. I only watched a few episodes then gave up. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. As a Gu Man fan, are you excited? “Since this Feng Chao Wang is Da Dong’s number one handsome man, and princess said I’m still less by a bit, that means I’m considered the second. and I hate Feng Shao Feng with a burning passion, so verdict is, Hu Ge as HFX or no drama please. This totally bombed my Friday night Shots of Louis Koo when he played Yang Guo is shooting through my head. Not my cup of tea either. Awww, how come the author is not participating in the drama? Because it is forbidden grounds, there was no one in front of the palace, the guards were all on watch far away. So far, the adaptation project is dead bcos filming the war scene is not cheap but it can be resurrected anytime. The series whose cast comprises celebrated actors such as Angel Wang, Wang Kai, Liu Yijun, and Deng Jiajia, has been enjoying a 250-million viewership via the BTV-1, Dragon Television Chinese network. Last name is Huang Xiao Ming. Yes, I heard abt it but don’t be too happy yet bcos most drama adaptations tend to stray faraway fr the novels, except Gu Man’s novels. Then my second exposure was Lan Ling Wang, which I watched solely for Ariel Lin. As much as I like Wallace, his BZH is flat and bland, and I like novel BZH way more than I like drama BZH. Done looking at the paintings, their goal has been set. I fell in love with her in Love Better Than Immortality, as her chemistry and sexual tension with Li Hongyi was out of this world. But part 2 is mostly on romance. Sight once again gazed at the other 8 paintings, they are in the same standings as this person, they obviously all know the answer, however they will never be able to answer. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The black robed male turned his head to look at her, softly smiled, “History’s exceptional elegance’s appearance is of course not the average.”, This smile like an orchid’s tranquil blossom, subtly bringing a faint fragrance, making the young white robed female blanked out. Love this translation! So, she posed the question back to the fans that had puzzled her for a while: “While we were writing the script, someone continuously was questioning how the character of HFX was being fleshed out.