yep – typical – another great site ruined because it doesn’t support Mac – get with it!!!!!! Did I implement the calendar wrong or is this calendar just not as accurate and detailed as the one I used to have? So you are safe with dates in any sort order – ascending, descending or random order. I haven’t been able to replicate it at all, but they told me it went away again after 24 hours. Can this be added? Trying to make plans for the Autumn, but needed to search for the schedule, as the races weren’t on my calendar! Ditto! Formula 1 circuits. Other than that love the calandre, been using it for a long time! Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) 27th January 2012, 8:15. The longest calendar is still the 2019 schedule with 22 races. Fantastic! I have promised you there is one more formula with me. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) 1st February 2018, 21:39. whitelevijeansformen 22nd September 2011, 4:17. Theo Parkinson (@theo-hrp) 26th January 2015, 3:45. This thing is still a mess, fix it please. thanks for the calendar btw great work! You’ve got a great site here…. Many many thanks! One thing which would make it even more epic is if you would add the start and end times from each session of a race weekend ;), Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) 27th January 2011, 17:52. Hi, are the times for this weekend’s Brazilian Grand Prix sessions correct? no testing and all that jazz TIA, Theo Parkinson (@theo-hrp) 26th January 2015, 3:47. All the race dates and session times for the 2020 F1 calendar have been added to the RaceFans F1 Calendar. Take a look at the schedule and times of races, practice rounds and qualification sessions to know when your favorite driver or team will compete. This formula will place the week start dates in B2:B of the dates in all the rows in A2:A. Wrap the above formula with the Unique function to remove the duplicate week start dates. I receive a 404 Error when I try to download the Outlook Calendar version. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) 3rd December 2008, 15:53. At least Renault have done this, according to Spanish news! The first Saudi Arabian Grand Prix will take place on December 5th. As I understand (see link below) should be possible to add it as a ‘Subscribed calendar’ but it’s not clear to me what the .ics address is. But I’d have to do that for all dates. This formula can combine the columns that contain week start dates (B2:B) and end dates (C2:C) then place the hyphen in between. Sign into your Google calendar and view it. DOHCschwab (@dohcschwab) 21st January 2015, 12:26, Much love for this site – come to it 2x a day, The ‘F1 Fanatic Calendar – iCal format for Microsoft Outlook’ for 2015 appears to be empty, anyone else? HAM. I wouldn’t mind if entries older than one or two years were deleted. This tool is amazing for any real Formula 1 Fan. Truly Amazing, I was just looking for this. APR 2020 April 2020. Also the calendar has been published, although subject to possible changes, and the test days have been … Oh crap, maybe I should paten that? This way, you will also be able to add your live blog details to each session, and this would in turn make your calendar really PRICELESS…, have some more thoughts on the same, but I guess I need to research myself a bit before recommending any of them…, Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) 11th January 2010, 12:45. There were some bugs on the way (double events, or “daylight saving time shift”), but it doesnt’ change the fact, that you’re doing a great job, and we all appreciate it! What could i be doing wrong. Excellent just added it to my Google Calendar, just what I wanted and no need to change anything perfectly happy to accept your choices and if not do my own. Great calender, tis very useful. Features: ★ Formula race calendar ★ Schedule for each racing weekend, which includes the times of Practice sessions, Qualifications and the Race ★ User chooses for which sessions to be notified about ★ Notifications with optional vibration and sound ★ User chooses the time for each notification: - 1 hour before the selected session, - 30 minutes, - 20 minutes, - 10 minutes, - 5 minutes before, or … Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) 24th November 2011, 14:56. Thanks :), Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) 8th February 2010, 8:06. Add race dates & times to your Calendar. 2011 F1 calendar. Richard W. Cooper 2nd January 2017, 5:18. If I have given this formula in the beginning, definitely some of you may have left reading thinking the formula is quite complicated, right? Is there a change of a 2nd less dramatic calendar? I have earlier posted a Google Sheets tutorial, that well explains how to concatenate a date with text, or a date with date retaining the date format. Am I the only one seeing multiple entries for the same time for some races? Your go-to source for the latest F1 news, video highlights, GP results, live timing, in-depth analysis and expert commentary. Dave – I’d hesitated on adding them because of the uncertainty over the French and Canadian rounds. Just one question, is it possible to add it to the Google calendar on an Android phone? Hello @keithcollantine, i tried to set this up for my Android but in reverse-that is i added the calendar before i downloaded the google calendar. … Thynaks (@thynaks) 31st August 2013, 16:34, Keith I think there’s a duplicated event for the 2013 Abu Dhabi GP, if you could fix it then it would still be the most awesome calendar in the world :D, Strontium (@strontium) 24th October 2013, 21:40, Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) 4th December 2013, 16:02. I respect the effort but it’s not useful if it is not reliable. Formula # 1 (temporarily apply in cell B2). For the first practice I see “2012 Australian Grand Prix first practice Fri, March 16, 03:30 – 05:00”, no circuit. Perhaps I’m just not fanatical enough to be part of “F1 Fanatic” but I am only interested in the actual race times and find the non-race events distracting. Thank you very much for this – it’s a great resource and saves me a lot of effort and time. Brilliant!!! Can I be cheeky and ask when you get a spare 10 mins could you add the provisional 2011 calendar? Formula 1 Calendar. Will you be adding the Formula E dates to your calendar? That’s been the case for a while at Melbourne. Will you be adding more of the IndyCar races to that calendar? I’ve been looking everywhere for the dates of the testing sessions – where do you get them? I used to load the race weekends in manually and that was a lot of work and I still didnt have the practice rounds and qualifying times correct. Click on calendar settings tab, and then the green ICAL tab. Thank you Keith! RaceFans > Contact > F1 Calendar by RaceFans. Thanks! Can you please update the calender with the confirmed races in 2020? If you're a fan of Formula, this app is a must have. The 2014 race dates have been added. You guys are the best. 2021 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP™ RACE CALENDAR. Instead, because of Google Sheets formulas, you end up saving a ton of time creating your calendar. can anyone delete them? :) Regards! My apologies if this has already been covered but is it possible to show only the races (i.e. Great thanks. I need to remove f1 fanatic stuff from my scedule. Any ideas on how to make it work on a phone? Great that you implemented the testing and reveal dates as well! Hopefully by the end of the season there will be a big space for adding “Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes” World Champions :-), Estesark (@estesark) 15th April 2012, 9:45. Not that important but would be really useful. You can easily find calendar week start date and end date of any date using a simple formula. I don’t know what could have happened there. Tiffoc (@tiffoc) 17th January 2012, 22:29, March the 9th “SKY” launch their new F1 Channel…, Chalky (@chalky) 20th January 2012, 20:12. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) 6th March 2013, 9:58. As a big user of Google Calendar I’m so grateful. When will the Calendar be updated with the new information? Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) 2nd February 2021, 14:25. Thanks Keith. Still waiting for the FIA to decide how many races there will be next year, though…, Russell Gould (@russellgould) 2nd January 2013, 16:34. GP, qualifying and practise rounds. thankyou. But other than that awesome calendar. I got more than I asked for. Thanks for all the continued hard work, much appreciated. Bookmarked it this time. But I don’t recommend you to use this formula due to the following. This is great – but as someone who uses Google Apps with my own domain I needed the XML link, which I got from a fellow user who uses a standard Google account – if you wish to “Add by URL” then use : Caught me out this morning. Keith, There is a site where you can publish calendars in all formats. How do I do that? With this app you can check place, date and time of the next F1 race. Was just about to add race and testing dates to my own Google calendar but you’ve saved me the trouble. Btw. The 2021 F1 Season Calendar posters include all the tracks of the season, with the dates, in order. any ideas where to get that or how to change the cal? Keep up the great work and please do let me know how I can download the Outlook version of the 2012 Calendar! I will do but they haven’t all been confirmed yet. Thank you so much. WOW!!! Thanks for this, added it to my google calender, so it shows up on my phone. Whoo hoo! Thanks in advance. Note: I have used type 2 week number calculation in which day of the week begins on Monday and ends on Sunday. I’m using the ics for Outlook. You can combine the week start dates and end dates and transpose to columns as shown in screenshot # 1 in the beginning. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) 15th February 2014, 23:06. Thank you! Don’t forget to remove (or hide as Google calls it) the old 2016 calendar if you have it. See column B2:B which shows the week start dates begins Monday. Paul Cronin (@scouserpc) 4th January 2016, 22:09. Marshall Matthews (@hove9) 22nd June 2020, 12:50. When i try and use gmail it is on my gmail calendar but it does not show up on my mac. I found this calendar from the article Showing times for America/New York. James Scantlebury 23rd January 2012, 23:22. Thanks to Keith for making sure we never miss a session. Football — Hockey — Basketball — ️ Formula 1. Sakhir, Bahrain: 28 Mar '21 Sunday: 4:00 PM: Practice 1: 26 Mar '21: 11:30 AM: Practice 2: 26 Mar '21: 3:00 PM: Practice 3: … I’m missing a lot of entries…. Thanks @Matt, I was fighting the same problem! I will have a look into it. Keith, i think the tests in Catalunya have been changed to Jerez and will run from the 9th to the 15th. Tip to add it to your personal Google Calendar: – In “Add a friend’s calendar” (other calendars) insert the e-mail: Further, the formula has the compatibility to use in a date range in that the dates span different years. News W Series to support F1 at eight races in 2021. 'F1 plant Grand Prix van Nederland voor 5 september 2021' Op 9 mei is met Spanje de eerste Europese ronde aan de beurt. Finally, I just wondered when the 2018 calendar for ical will be available please? Receive email reminders. Then I will show you how to remove the helper columns. Any way we can get the newly-confirmed rest of the F1 calendar updated? I assume you’re wanting to the F1 calendar to show on your iphone calendar app? But it returns week numbers, not week range. Can you please tell me how I stop receiving this calendar? my question is, where is the direct link to the google-calendar? Just try to understand the below formulas. ... Bahrain . If so, instructions here:, and here: The calendar is great. Thanks *again* for the calendars. There are two types of formulas I have to offer. Thanks, just what I have been looking for. Schedule is updated automatically. Dirk (@dirksen) 20th September 2014, 13:41. @keithcollantine is there a way to get the calendar to upload onto my iPhone calendar please? Formula One was a new formula agreed upon during 1946 after World War II, with the first non-championship races taking place that year.The first Formula 1 race was the 1946 Turin Grand … When this failed, i then downloaded the google calendar. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) 5th January 2017, 9:22. I was just about to manually enter them, and saw they’d magically appeared. I’m not a frequent visitor at your site, but I did just get to this page from a link on NBCU’s F1 Twitter feed. Formula # 2 (modify the formula in cell B2). When they are announced they will be added in. Paste the URL you just copied into the Calendar URL box and click Subscribe 5. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Woo, iCal on my Mac and iPhone will now get used slightly more then it did before because of the new calendars, Loverly. This is just what I was looking for, thanks so much for doing this for us racing nuts! THX, Michael Giorew (@michael-giorew) 21st March 2013, 15:19. Perfect, even. Calendar week formula in Google Sheets – What’s that? Here I am not going to take you through all the above steps. Round: Dates: Race: Circuit: 1: 25-27th March: Australian Grand Prix: ... Add all the 2011 F1 season dates to your calendar using the F1 Fanatic Google Calendar: F1 Fanatic Google Calendar; Going to a race in 2011? Official Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team merchandise, including Mercedes F1 Team Caps, Jackets, Tees & Gifts from the Official F1 Team Store Add it to your mobile device to see all the grands prix at a glance. In this tutorial, I am not going into the summarisation part. I just hope it doesn’t happen again! However, when I do it from my Android phone I get a warning that this is a desktop version and will not work on mobile Google Calendar. I am going to use that method here. This calendar takes care of the Local and Race timings as well. GP and qualifying round. Everything you need to never miss a date and enjoy the F1 season like never before! All comments are moderated. or how can i sort this?? News F1 support series Porsche Supercup announces eight-race 2021 season with Dutch GP round. I think that’s because of the calendar’s default timezone being without DST – “(GMT+00:00) GMT (no daylight saving)”. Please refer to the first screenshot for the formula output. Thanks! I was comparing them to the times on, China Qualifying 08:00 F1Fanatic: 08:00 Race 09:00 F1Fanatic: 10:00, Bahrain Qualifying 13:00 F1Fanatic: 13:00 Race 14:00 F1Fanatic: 13:00, Bahrain Qualifying 14:00 F1Fanatic: 14:00 Race 14:00 F1Fanatic: 15:00, Love the calendar, had it on my google calendar for a month or two now, but just recently I’ve got a bunch of repeat entries in the calendar, even when I re-add the calendar. Any suggestions appreciated – if not – no worries! A perfect use of this Google Calendar feature. Thanks, I added the events to my Google Calendar. It automatically synced all my appointments. Download or subscribe. This calendar only shows up as a day event on days where an F1 event takes place. I then tried to add your app using by the ADD Google Calendar sign at the bottom of the calendar. Thanks you @keithcollantine! Enter the world of Formula 1. News Formula 1 announces provisional 23-race calendar for 2021. Good luck and may all the races be great competitions. Useful, with the caveat that “Testing” is in our world is called T09 & T10 (2018 week numbers) and Events run Frid (P1,P2), Sat (P3,Q) & Sun (Race) Would we handy to be able to rename them to these ? awesome, download, import to outlook, sync outlook with iTunes and phone, sorted. Kind of defeats the usefulness. mralexbarr (@mralexbarr) 13th June 2020, 9:45. @keithcollantine Do you know if the times have been confirmed by the FIA yet? ViceroyRojo (@viceroyrojo) 21st January 2014, 17:42, Stewart McMickan 25th January 2014, 19:36, HI, I can’t upload your cal on to my mac computer or iCloud it comes back with URL invalid!!! Ah, excellent I’m glad the times are converting correctly! Alison Levy (@sonybon68) 19th February 2020, 23:02. :), Walter (@wvdhouten) 10th March 2017, 8:16. I think I speak on everyones behalf when I say a big thank you for the work you do on maintaining such a good website, especially the invaluable F1 calendar! Don’t know about you but I cannot wait to get this season started… :), Vincent Ouwehand (@bazzek) 6th March 2013, 9:55. I don’t need to see info on when Cars are announced. Thanks for letting me know, I entered it wrongly. Never realised this was available. Walter (@wvdhouten) 10th March 2017, 17:06, Hmmm, are these already the official times? Yet another Steve 31st December 2017, 22:16. @Keith – Are all lanuch times for the teams in GMT? Thynaks (@thynaks) 2nd February 2013, 18:53, Keith I just wanted to thank you a lot!! Hello Keith. Here comes the importance of my calendar week formula in Google Sheets. I check the calendar on several devices and all are showing the correct time. The only thing I can think of is an electronic calendar that you can hang on your wall, that connects to the internet via WiFi, and has live updates, and scrolls though small F1 images, with each month having its own large F1 image :) Could be called the iCalendar? Here I am going to use the function Weekday, not Weeknum. No, you’ve done nothing wrong. Apologies in advance for reporting a technical issue in the comment area but I did not get a response when I submitted a support ticket. Formula 1 has confirmed a new night race will take place on the streets of Jeddah. You make me happy. ATM Google adds an extra hour when your living in a timezone with daylight saving. BTW: I thoroughly enjoy F1 Fanatic and the new look. Past dates. ;), That wouldn’t be very fanatic now would it? Try signing into your Google account of the same browser you viewing the F1 Fanatic Calendar page. Or pay someone to give you exactly what you want? See the Comment Policy and FAQ for more.If the person you're replying to is a registered user you can notify them of your reply using '@username'. Cheers :), davey (@djdaveyp87) 15th September 2016, 16:23. HOW do I remove this from my Google diary? The Formula One series originated with the European Championship of Grand Prix motor racing (q.v. Estesark (@estesark) 7th March 2012, 19:51. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) 28th December 2016, 23:30. Thanks again for the service! Just wondering if the GP dates for 2017 are going to be added to the F1 Fanatic Calendar. for the netherlands.. the start of the australian GP is one our to late.. the race wil start at 06.10 (local time) but in my calendar it shows at 07.10 timezone issue???? It populates dates from min date in the range A2:A58 to max date in the range A2:A58. Estesark (@estesark) 24th November 2011, 14:46. Patiently waiting :), All the times are under each race in their calendar, on the official Formula 1 website…, Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) 8th March 2013, 8:20. :), Theo Parkinson (@theo-hrp) 26th January 2015, 3:48. (US GP and Brazil). Friday and Saturday times Look to be one hour behind to me. Your email address will not be published. Great F1 site too. But the real purpose is different. Then, to save us all from having to read your ungrateful comments, perhaps you could find a forum where your behaviour is the norm, not the exception. RobTsintas (@robtsintas) 31st August 2020, 14:33. That describes every experience I’ve ever had with Google calendar. The free version of app remind you (using notification - the sound of formula car) about the race: On Friday - before start the racing weekend, On Sunday - for two hours before the race. This is partly great I can view all the dates and info online in my Google calendar but it will not update my android Google calendar app. Perfect, what I have been needing for the past 15 years watching F1! Formula # 1 (temporarily apply in cell B2) =ArrayFormula(A2:A58-WEEKDAY(A2:A58,2)+1) This formula will place the week start dates in B2:B of the dates in all the rows in A2:A. love the blog! Next year’s Australian Grand Prix race “weekend” will start on Thursday, perhaps the calendar could be updated to reflect that? Thank you dates all added roll on the 1st race:P, how do i get this to work in outlook, i saved it to my google calender then ran a sync with outlook and it doesnt go in :(. Thanks for this! So I’m at a bit of a loss – perhaps it’s an error at Google’s end? Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) 15th December 2012, 10:37, @scouserpc You’re welcome Paul! Not sure why you’re getting that – I also use it on an Android phone with no problems at all. 2021 Formula 1 Race Calendar Synch. Thanks for the F1 calendar, I’ve added it to the browser version in my Google account. Just found this site and am a bit disappointed that the F1 schedule in the calendar is not Brazilian GP? And many of us don’t have any interest in tintops, so I sure hope he doesn’t add V8’s to this specific calendar. I’m so sorry to hear that. Good idea to update the old with the address to find the new one. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) 10th March 2017, 9:27. Keith, is the Bahrain race starts at 12pm or 1pm? That is truly awesome. Vincent Ouwehand (@bazzek) 6th March 2013, 10:01, Okay, sorry, must have missed that info in the comments somewhere. Formula 1 Calendar 2021 Formula 1 2021 Events Date Time; Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix 2021. I’ll have a google around, cheers. Cheers, Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) 7th March 2012, 12:47. *Subject to circuit homologation. Love this calendar but never successfully got it working on iOS. Still awaiting the last calender updates for September, October and November. FOM have had times wrong before, I prefer to get the official stuff from FIA and check the time conversions myself. I won’t miss any of the action now ;). You should see it’s been updated however you will have to add the new calendar for 2017 as the old one is not being updated any more. it was supposed to be on Feb 10th. How good is this! JUL 2020 July 2020. Choose the events you want to see in your calendar: GP only GP and qualifying round ... Bau deinen Spielplan und importiere ihn in Google Calendar, Apple iCal, Outlook, auf Android, iPhone oder Windows Phone. I’m not interested in what happened in 2008! I downloaded it last year but forgot to save the site. Will this be expanded to session times for the races once they are known? I mean I will update this post with that link included. The formula consists of a set of rules that all participants' cars must meet. But there are no F1 sessions on the Thursday, so no. Deleting and re-adding the calendar seems to have fixed it. I’ve been using this since 2009. Syncs perfectly to iCal on Mac OS thanks. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) 2nd January 2009, 9:38. I can’t add the calendar with the e-mail adress or with the “+Google Agenda” Button. Step 1: How to Return Week Start Dates of a Given Daily Date Range. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) 5th February 2016, 20:22. This’s is just for your information. Update: Summarize Data by Week Start and End Dates in Google Sheets. Just wanted to post, saying thanks for this! Thanks! Click on any GP for full F1 schedule details, dates, times & full weekend program. Click on the pop-up link, F1Fanatic .ics file will download and add itself automatically to iCal. An other great F1-calendar can be found at See description: F1 Pre-Season Practice, Jerez de la Frontera 2012. Thank you! Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) 8th February 2010, 0:11. This is an awesome calendar that I have been using for the last two seasons. The calendar week wise summary, that you can learn in one of my upcoming tutorial which is already in the pipeline. Thank you so much for the time and work that you put into it. It intended to hold the race in May, but no further details have been confirmed. I really appreciate the effort you have put into thi calendar, but there is something technical that has always bugged me about it…, You mark the full race weekends as full day events in the calendar… I know it’s going to be a lot of effort, but, I think it would be really great to have separate calendar entries for each session as per the start time and end time of the session. Hi Keith… great work as per normal! I think it would be really great to have separate calendar entries for each session as per the start time and end time of the session. Thanks so much for doing this! @bazzek As always these will be added before the start of the season but at present the final calendar hasn’t officially been confirmed by the FIA yet. Thank you for your time and effort :) much appreciated! :), fangio85 (@fangio85) 20th June 2013, 23:49, Great calendar! That formula will be as follows. In October 2019 F1 announced ‘agreement in principle’ to hold a race on a new circuit at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. China Race 09:00 F1Fanatic: 10:00, Bahrain Race 14:00 F1Fanatic: 13:00, Malaysia Race 14:00 F1Fanatic: 15:00. thank you for the calendar like – love that i can keep so up to date! So, go ahead and insert Sunday, for example, into the B3 cell. BTW why does this page load oldest first? You can integrate our calendar into your calendar with the links below: Only one problem… is it possible to correct the duplicate entries for the Bahrain race weekend because they knock my other entries for those days out of view? Cha-Ching!! Thank you so much. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) 15th April 2012, 9:49. The purpose of using my calendar week formula is simple that is to combine the start date of a week with the end date. How can I tweak this so that it shows all weeks (even if there were 0 orders for that week)? I recently bought a new tablet with the Google Calendar and have just added the F1 Fanatic Calendar. Tom_ec1 (@tom_ec1) 6th January 2015, 0:13, Photographer: Steve Hux. See the output that returned by my calendar week formula first, then I will tell you where we can use it.