Picking Tuesday as the first day of the week might not be a popular option, but Samsung sold nearly 300 million phones in 2018. Synchronisierung habe ich automatisch aus und jedes Konto extra eingestellt. That the search feature is below the scroll even on a Samsung S10 is inconvenient. Not only would they be disappointed, but Samsung doesn’t offer any other route. Because you can’t use Samsung Calendar on a full-size screen, you’ll struggle to see everything you’ve written in that space. But despite those differences, as we’ll see, there are also many benefits that Samsung Calendar can offer. You’ll then fly to a different time zone and wonder why no one has turned up to your meeting. Select the calendar beneath the one you’ve imported. You could also be showing it to someone who shares one of your calendars. As far as Google is concerned, if it’s not coming up soon, you don’t need to know. Samsung Social was supposed to be the company’s competitor to Facebook, a place where Samsung users can get together united by their love of the Korean company’s products. Zum Schluss halt bekommt jeder sein persönliches Konto, was nur Mama Handy/ Papa Handy und Kind Handy hat. ... Um einen neuen Termin in den Familienkalender einzutragen, tippen Sie wie gewohnt oben rechts auf das Symbol "+" und geben die gewünschten Daten ein. Okay, das habe ich dann geändert und nicht in dem Moment halt dran gedacht. When your Samsung devices see rain in the weather app on a cold fall day, a suggestion to play some Satie could be welcome. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Passwort und das dazu gehörende Konto. das macht doch keinen Sinn. Samsung DeX is an app that connects your device to a PC or Mac. To share a calendar, they need to create an entirely new schedule. But ignoring all of those Samsung freebies is a mistake. They can tell you which material you need to bring to the event, add a reminder to call a babysitter, or include a few lines about the event itself. Although all data-based personalization can feel a little creepy, these examples sound useful. Danach musst du halt die jeweiligen Konten auf die Handys einrichten und die Einstellungen für synchronisieren dort einstellen. Samsung doesn’t provide all of that functionality. Google’s calendar app is a weaker addition to the browser version. It’s a small trick, but it does make your event stand out when you look at your calendar. What you’re granting Samsung permission to do is collect information about you so that it can deliver “tailor-made content (including ads and marketing) in supported apps and services.”. You get a week of forecasts, but you can only see the temperatures in the day view. John is co-founder and CEO of Calendar. Im Prinzip hast du es ja doch gut hinbekommen. People who also want a Jewish calendar or a Gregorian calendar, for example, will be disappointed. The default setting is off, and unless you need it, that’s how it should stay because the next setting is a much better use of that space. Users can share their events, but they can’t share their calendars widely or easily. Jetzt testen! 2 sehen kann, Kind nicht. It can feel like overkill. Shift workers, college lecturers, and others might start their shifts or their teaching duties in the middle of the week. The default setting when you create an event is that the event will take place only once. But expect to find yourself using the workarounds. Ich dachte eigentlich an eine Lösung mit dem Samsung eigenen Kalender. All your interactions with the calendar will take place on your Samsung phone or tablet. Beneath the time and date of the event are a bunch of details about that event. So if you choose one of the calendars that you brought over from Google Calendar, for example, that event will also be accessible on Google—and it will be visible to anyone who shares that calendar. Zum Schluss klickst du bei Kalender ( drei Waagerechte Striche). That means that if you want to flick ahead on your schedule or look back at something you’ve done in the past, you need to move from page to page. You’ll be straight into the creation of an event. Samsung Calendar isn’t the most user-friendly calendar app available. In other words, it looks like Samsung wants to access your calendar not to remind you that this is about the time of year you visit the dentist but to learn more about you. Hoffe sehr, du verstehst mich ein bissle. That makes it easy to check both years ahead and years behind. Herzlichen Dank und Grüße The same applies to files. Det er fantastisk at kunne kore online kalender for hele familie uanset hvor du er i verden. Diesen Thema für aktuellen Benutzer floaten. Familienkalender 2018: in A5 mit 4 Spalten | Familienplaner Wochenkalender zum organisieren und planen rund um die Familie: Amazon.es: Kalsari: Libros en idiomas extranjeros Although Samsung Calendar appears, at first glance, to be the same as every other digital calendar, the application does have at least two crucial differences. 09:22 PM. There is no browser equivalent. It’s a simple addition, but it’s surprisingly helpful. That setting will cover all your events unless determined otherwise. 10:08 PM. Bixby Assistant, too, is even less useful than Google Assistant, but here, the gap starts to close. Wir möchten jetzt die Einträge so kombinieren, dass wir alles untereinander sehen und bearbeiten können: Erw. On the Samsung Calendar, your choice will only affect the color it appears on the screen. Select the calendar, and you’ll bring up Samsung Calendar on your computer. 2 kann Einträge erstellen, die auch Erw. If you’re going to be scheduling events a long time in advance, then Samsung Calendar beats Google Calendar—at least on a mobile device. When you connect your device to your computer using a USB cable, you’ll be asked if you want to start casting with Samsung DeX. Buy a new Samsung device, and you’ll get two layers of software. 10:39 PM Apple’s browser calendar is a weaker version of the app. Select the three vertical dots that appear on the right of the calendar when you mouse over it. Für die Kinder brauche ich die Möglichkeit, Wochenpläne auszudrucken. Create a new calendar on Apple Calendar, for example, and it will have a little icon next to it that lets you share it with other people. Choose not to highlight short events, and you’ll have added another kind of classification to your events: any event not highlighted in the monthly view does not last all day. Wir tauchen unter dem Samsung Kalender zusammen als Familie auf. So if you also use Google Calendar, for example, repeat the process, you might have used to create an alternate calendar, but instead of browsing the calendars of interest, choose “Create new calendar.”, Once you’ve created that calendar, you’ll be able to find it in the list of calendars on the bottom left. Press that link, and you’ll be asked whether you want to allow the app to access the device’s location. Setting the Look and Feel of Your Samsung Calendar, Putting Samsung Calendar on Your Computer. Select that option, and you’ll be able to create an individual alert for that specific event. Knowing that you’ll be able to walk to an appointment instead of drive, does help you see the shape of the week ahead. 23.03.2020 - 120 female CEOs Startupticker.ch | The Swiss Startup News channel That option will allow you to toggle the Samsung Calendar and to create a shared calendar. 1 kann Einträge erstellen, die auch Erw. Select the plus icon in the bottom right corner, and you won’t get the choice of events, goals, or reminders that Google Calendar offers. The default hour is 8 am – 9 am, but you’ll have at least one field already completed. You can see the difference that makes here, and it turns out to be quite significant. Samsung Calendar offers a pleasant range of 24 different tones, which should help to make sure that your calendar always looks pleasant and colorful. Bei meiner Frau wurden Probleme mit einem Zertifikat angezeigt. Wir tauchen unter dem Samsung Kalender zusammen als Familie auf. Es sind jeweils so Kreise dort vor dem Konten im Kalender, diese kann man noch farblich Anpassen, was in Deinen Fall ja Sinn macht. ‎27-09-2020 These cookies do not store any personal information. Choose “Start Now,” and DeX will start on your computer. Below the time is a button that switches between setting a time and making the event last all day. Erw. ‎21-02-2020 Read Familienkalender 2018 in A5 mit 4 Spalten (Krebs): Familienplaner Wochenkalender zum organisieren und planen rund um die Familie (German Edition) book reviews & … Wenn du auf dem Kalender gehst und mal die drei Waagerechte Striche klickst, erscheinen dort deine Konten. The Big Differences Between Samsung Calendar and Other Digital Calendars. Amazon.in - Buy Familienkalender 2018 in A5 mit 4 Spalten (Krebs): Familienplaner Wochenkalender zum organisieren und planen rund um die Familie (German Edition) book online at best prices in India on Amazon.in. If you are going to be traveling somewhere, it’s worth making sure that the time zone here matches the time zone of the place you’ll be traveling to when the event takes place. It will all be buried somewhere on their phone but kept far away from all of the things that they use every day. It doesn’t list calendar events unless you put them there. Wenn jetzt alle den gleichen Samsung Account nutzen, dann lässt du den wohl weg. You can also find sports calendars and phases of the moon—and those are just the calendars readily available through Google Calendar itself. One place Samsung Calendar beats Google Calendar (other than Samsung’s default of not tracking your event information) is its navigation. Wichtig ist jeden Konto dann Genehmigungen erteilen was es soll. Theoretisch müsstest du einen Account haben für alle drei. The last option in this section is the strangest—and the one you’re even more likely to want to avoid than locking your time zone. Er taucht nicht in seinem Kalender auf. They’re tiny, but they are very neat, and they let you see at a glance not just what you’re going to be doing over the next week, but what the weather will be like when you’re doing it. Du könntest auch nur 6 Google Konten neu einrichten. Aber es sollte klappen, weil dann nur diese Konten mit dem jeweiligen Handy verbunden wäre. While you’re unlikely to be asking Bixby whether you’ll need to take an umbrella today, Google has nothing to compete with Bixby Routines. You’re unlikely to be using it to manage a complex series of different work events. If you do wish to set an alert, you can choose between zero and 99 days or weeks, and any time you want. But look a little closer, and you start to see that the customization services offers some interesting benefits: For example, the Customization Service can improve your user experience with the Services by providing hints and information customized for you when you use Samsung’s voice recognition service or remembering music you used to listen to on rainy days and recommending it later. 2 sehen kann, Kind nicht.Erw. Mal sehen, ob es klappt. It’s also worth noting that a high priority alert generates a continuous sound, so the default is different from the sounds of the low and medium alerts. The opportunity to lock the time and date of your events to your selected time zone is clear enough as long as you don’t take it. Remember that Samsung Calendar doesn’t easily let you create new calendars, so you can expect only to be coloring the calendars that you’ve imported. But you’re unlikely to want all of those events you’re not attending clogging up your calendar. But they won’t cover everyone. You’ll need a good reason to stop the times of events, and their alerts, matching your time wherever you are. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. [Link zu Windows] Physische Tastatur nicht erkannt / funktioniert nicht. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. That would probably be more useful than the ability to set the alarm to sound seventeen weeks before an event, or precisely 73 minutes before it. The difference is that the date will already be entered. 09:32 PM. The process is the same: you can choose minutes, days, weeks, and months, and set figures from zero to 99. We’ve already talked about setting alerts or notifications for events. What you don’t get, though, is Google Calendar’s three-day view (though Google Calendar doesn’t have a year view either.). You can send it using just about every relevant app on your device, from WhatsApp and email to social media and Bluetooth. Diesen Kalender kann jedes Familienmitglied nutzen, um Termine zu erstellen, die alle Familienmitglieder sehen kö Bei diesen Kreisen aktiviert man es. ‎19-02-2020 You’ll then have a bunch of options. Samsung Calendar will then show you Google Maps, and when you press “Done,” the map will appear in the event. The first is the location, and this is where things start to get a little strange. Die anderen Konten, die darf das Kind natürlich nicht haben. Samsung Kalender als Familienkalender mit 3 Mitgliedern einrichten? wir sind 3 Familienmitglieder (2 Elternteile + 1 Kind), jeder hat ein Samsung Handy (S10e, S8, A70), jeder hat damit auch Samsung Kalender als App drauf. So choose carefully. Jetzt müsst ihr im Kalender den richtigen aktivieren. Select it, and you’ll be offered a permission screen. That doesn’t mean you can’t use the notes to add information to an event. They can create multiple schedules for work, for home, or sports, and share them with relevant social circles. You’ll also need to create events on the calendar—and that’s much easier. Samsung Calendar’s biggest weakness is that it can only be used on the Samsung device itself. Mit der automatischen Vorschlagsfunktion können Sie Ihre Suchergebnisse eingrenzen, da während der Eingabe mögliche Treffer angezeigt werden. If you do take that opportunity, you’ll probably forget. And you can select any hour and any minute to trigger the alert. If you can attach it from your phone, you can see it on your phone. If the screen is on, that alert takes the form of a notification. The last option in this section is surprising. Select one, and the dates will appear in small characters beneath the Julian calendar dates. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Pick the wrong calendar here, and you could find that you’re not just choosing the color of the event on your schedule. Familienkalender 2019: Organisieren, Planen und Notieren - Der Familienplaner und Kalender für das neue Jahr 2019 mit 6 Spalten (German Edition): FamilyOrga: Amazon.com.mx: Libros Når du opretter en familie på Google, får du også en familiekalender. You’ll even get the pretty pictures that make up the month and event headings. Users can usually control their levels of privacy, allowing friends, colleagues, and relatives to see what they’re doing or just when they’re available. Show Week Numbers is where you can add the numbers of the week to your calendar view. 09:40 PM. You’ll also be able to tell your phone to play that alert — even when the phone is set to silent and to vibrate when the sound is made. Unless you think you’re going to ignore a one-time alert, and you can’t afford to miss your events, stick to low or medium priorities. Wichtig ist wirklich, Du schreibst alles fein auf. Samsung Calendar will then show you Google Maps, and when you press “Done,” the map will appear in the event. There are no options here, for example, to share the event you’re creating with someone else or invite someone to attend an event. Some workarounds are practical and not too tricky, but browser-based options would be so much easier. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Above that option is the ability to “Manage calendar colors.”. Setting the times you need is remarkably straightforward. All events, including those that don’t have an “invitee” option, also have a “share option” at the bottom of the menu. If you've got a Samsung device, this is a very interesting tool to jot down different plans and issues. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Diese scheint es wohl aber vom Entwickler nicht zu geben. The customization service offers to deliver personalized content based on how you use your phone. am ‎27-09-2020 Sometimes you do want to search to find the date of someone’s birthday or check when you’ve scheduled a conference. Hallo, Ich führe unseren Familienkalender, synchronisiert mit einem Google-Kalender, in meinem S7. The next option is interesting. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. It’s going to suck up your personal data and sell it to third parties who will then give you targeted ads. Select the “Customization Service” link at the bottom, though, and you’ll be taken to a privacy notice. Alle Termine im Griff! Select the hamburger icon on the top left and scroll all the way down. On Google Calendar, you only see the month, and it’s only informative. It’s a big difference, and it could be the deciding factor in your choice of the default calendar. The start will already have a day, a date, and a time. You have three options here: to allow it to access your location all the time; to only allow it to access your location when you’re using the app or to deny permission. Users can also check their schedules on their phones, but they can’t review them on their workplace computers. If someone doesn’t have a Samsung device, they can’t share your calendar. Samsung should probably have chosen to call this feature “Show declined events” and kept the switch toggled off as the default. You can choose between zero and 99 days or weeks before the event to receive the alert. Hele familiens online kalender. But you can also set it to repeat, and as always, Samsung offers plenty of useful options. That comes with a link to your contacts. / Verwaltung über anderes Gerät? - bearbeitet 09:55 PM These are scripts that cause the phone to behave in pre-set ways in response to triggers. The end time will automatically have the time listed an hour after the start. On the Settings page, scroll down to the “Calendars” section. Samsung lets you change both those elements. ‎19-02-2020 We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. ; Alternativer Kalender: Die Samsung Kalender-App bietet insgesamt fünf alternative Kalender. am EiNFACH. You can’t easily use this function to invite a bunch of friends to a party, for example, or to a meeting. Fammilienkalender Vorlage 2021 / Kohwagner Unser Familienkalender 2021 Bildkalender Mit Logo Drucken Deprismedia Com / The download includes the following calendar versions in pdf file format:. Unless you have that reason, it’s best to keep this switch off. If they no longer wish to share their schedules with those friends or relatives, they can rescind permission. On a Samsung Calendar, those notes are less useful. Familienkalender 2019: Organisieren, Planen und Notieren - Der Familienplaner und Kalender für das neue Jahr 2019 mit 6 Spalten: Amazon.es: FamilyOrga: Libros en idiomas extranjeros Enter your email address and password, and you should find that your events are imported. It will probably have a little blue icon—the default icon that Samsung gives you when you create a Samsung profile (before you forget about it). Press the name of that sound, and you’ll be able to select a different noise. Choose “Settings and sharing.”. Again, you can only set one alert here. ‎17-02-2020 Selecting it does nothing. Wenn Sie bei Google eine Familie erstellen, bekommen Sie auch einen Familienkalender. It’s a little freaky and a reminder that on a mobile device, privacy settings are too complex to stop data leaking from one walled garden to another. Der "Dienstverbindungsfehler" beim Einrichten von Samsung Pay (Miserabler Support!). Familienkalender 2018: in A5 mit 4 Spalten | Familienplaner Wochenkalender zum organisieren und planen rund um die Familie (German Edition): Kalsari: Amazon.com.mx: Libros Even though you’re using Samsung Calendar and not Google Calendar, if you start entering an address similar to a place you’ve been before, the calendar will suggest that location. It’s all pretty straightforward though the calendar does provide some helpful repeat and alert functions, and the sharing options are missing. Instead, create a new calendar on the platform you synced from. Sådan fungerer f At the end of the Title field is a small sticker icon. Im Moment habe ich eine Lösung über 3 Gmail-Konten eingerichtet. So choose carefully. You’ll find it on your phone, ready to go. Du musst fein säuberlich alles notieren Adressen und Passwörter. am easy, you simply Klick Familienkalender paperback acquire connection on this listing then you may earmarked to the absolutely free registration shape after the free registration you will be able to download the book in 4 format. Hatten Synchronisierungsverbot bekommen. Ist der jeweilige Kalender mit dem Konto verbunden? Ihr beiden müsst dann Outlook und Google scharf machen. Choose the share option, and you’ll be able to create either an ICS calendar file or a text file that you can send to other people. But look at the calendar itself, and the top of the grid is the month and the year. Select “Don’t repeat,” and you’ll have the option of setting a repeat pattern. Schau halt, das diese Konten nur für Kalender zuständig wären. Man könnte es zwar abstellen, wäre aber dann zu unsicher. And it’s not made easier by the fact that Google Calendar doesn’t have a year view. To share a calendar, they need to create an entirely new schedule. Your choices will be “Forever,” a “Specific number of times” (which lets you enter a number) or “Until” (which enables you to enter a date.). Kind 1 und Kind 2 waren erst bei mir drauf. You can upload a file to an event that you’re creating on a Samsung Calendar, but in practice, you’re unlikely to want to. Amazon.in - Buy Familienkalender 2018 in A5 mit 4 Spalten: Familienplaner Wochenkalender zum organisieren und planen rund um die Familie (German Edition) book online at best prices in India on Amazon.in. High — produces a long sound. Wir oder meine Kinder haben, keine Ahnung, hunderte Mail Adressen. At the top of the form is the title of the event. It’s so unusual that Samsung Calendar has to add a little explanation so that users know what it does: In month view, show color bands on events that last less than a day. Regarding calendar information, Samsung says that: The Customization Service may access your device’s calendar and may collect and analyze your calendar data to learn your preferences, record special occasions, and identify your location. The notes in a digital calendar are often useful. Familienkalender 2018 in A5 mit 4 Spalten (Kuss): Familienplaner Wochenkalender zum organisieren und planen rund um die Familie (German Edition): Kalsari: Amazon.com.mx: Libros The start and end times of the event look complicated. But you can’t choose to receive alerts for some birthdays but not others. There are two sections. Not even if you’re sharing it with someone who also has a Samsung device. Knowing that you’ll be able to walk to an appointment instead of drive, does help you see the shape of the week ahead. Whatever flexibility was missing from the start of the week, settings arrive in spades in the alert settings. When you create events on your Samsung Calendar and make sure that they’re placed on the calendar you’ve just created, you should find that those events are shared. Copyright© 1995-2021 Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Reminder wäre ja von Samsung, dieses könnte man ja Privat nutzen. ‎27-09-2020 This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Das Gratis-Tool für iOS und Android bietet zahlreiche Features, die Familien im Alltag lieben werden. You need to plug in your phone and find the calendar to open it. Or rather, it has the same alert settings for the birthdays of contacts that it has for all-day events, but the default is not to issue an alert. Also musst du bei allen drei Handys dieses Konto dort einrichten aber nur Kalender zulassen zum synchronisieren. Den koreanischen Mondkalender, den chinesischen Mondkalender, den vietnamesischen Mondkalender sowie den Hijri- und Shamsikalender. soweit ich weiß, muss man mit dem selben Samsung/Google Account auf den gewünschten Geräten angemeldet sein. Because it doesn’t provide a way to import calendars that aren’t Google or Microsoft, users can’t directly download an iCal file and add it to their Samsung Calendar. You can also add people to share it with. am But the result is the same. Nor can you set two alerts: one the day before the event, and a second reminder an hour before. After you’ve created an event, select it from the calendar. That means that you can set an alert to sound between one minute and 99 weeks before the event. Samsung Calendar is the Samsung calendar tool that lets you take comprehensive control of your daily tasks. Din familie kalender er skabt udfra et onske om at gore hverdagens planlaegning af aktiviteter og begivenheder nemt. Unless you want to see what you’re not doing,  keep this switch turned on. und das Kind sehen können.Kind kann eigene Einträge erstellen, die auch alle 3 sehen können.Geht das so und wenn ja, wie genau.Vielen Dank. If the screen is on, the alert will take the form of a notification that remains on the screen until you dismiss it. So you can easily create a family calendar for your spouse and your kids so that everyone knows about family dinners and holiday events. Wählen Sie Ihre Cookie-Einstellungen. The next option is usually best left turned on. Or you can create a work calendar so that your colleagues know when you’re available and when the sales meetings are taking place. Chrome might beat Samsung’s own Internet browser, and Samsung’s email application offers no reason not to use Gmail. Mein Sohn hat ein eigenes Handy und damit auch ein eigenes Samsung Konto. Familien Einträge werden dann mit Google synchronisiert. Samsung’s calendar does work with Google and Microsoft calendars, and you can add any calendar you want to those platforms. If you’ve chosen an event on a shared calendar — one that’s synced with another platform — you’ll see an option marked “Invitee.”. The Create Event menu doesn’t have a share option, but the events themselves do. ich wollte auch versuchen, den Samsung Kalender als Familien Kalender zu nutzen. That’s a high price to pay to join a place that’s emptier than MySpace. Erstelle soviele Konten die Du benötigst. 1 kann Einträge erstellen, die auch Erw. Switch it on, and you might get better notifications in other apps, but you’re unlikely to see much difference in your calendar use. Because Samsung Calendar comes embedded in your Samsung device, you won’t have to do anything special to begin using it. It’s an effective process, but it’s a little fiddly. Put the most important words first and try to keep the title to no more than two or three words. Even if you did decide to sacrifice your contacts’ privacy, it still wouldn’t entirely help you because you’ll only be able to share your calendars with other members. That will cover most use cases. You can subscribe to a calendar, add a calendar from a URL, import a calendar, or browse of calendars of interest. Adding a new account isn’t the first item in the list of Settings. There is a workaround, of course. Other digital calendars allow users to share access to their schedules with anyone else. Habe es ebenfalls hier alles notiert, damit ich nicht durcheiander komme. There are only five options: Korean lunar, Chinese lunar, Vietnamese lunar; Hijri; and Shamsi. Choose “weeks,” and you’ll be asked which day of the week you want the event to take place on. ‎19-02-2020 Users can share their events, but they can’t share their calendars widely or easily. John’s goal in life is to make people’s lives much more productive. Select “Add new account.”. 1 sehen kann, Kind nicht.Erw. That looks like the solution, but select it, and you won’t just be able to enter a contact’s email address so that you can both access the same calendar. So you can’t, for example, only receive alerts about the birthdays of people whose presents you need to buy while ignoring the birthdays of colleagues. Kind kann eigene Einträge erstellen, die auch alle 3 sehen können. Jeder hatte dann sein eigenes Konto gehabt. It doesn’t really exist, and to join that barely existing platform, you have to agree to send your contacts’ information to Samsung. Ist aber nicht witzig gewesen, da sie meine Kontakte hatten und ich deren. Samsung Calendar lets you add little weather icons to your calendar. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Opening a page on your browser is always a lot easier. But remember that your other digital calendar will sync with your Samsung Calendar. Instead, you get “Reminders,” which sends you to the Reminders app. Keine Ahnung warum. 04:26 PM. That sounds like Samsung is going to go all Google on you. It could also have broken out the first two settings because they’re both about alerts—and they both contain some exciting options. The action is merely one part of your phone sharing information with another region. Being able to see which events you’ve declined might be useful. Because the calendar itself isn’t shared, you’ll need to repeat this process for each event you create and want to share. Generally, countries start their weeks on one of those days. The second is a scroll that allows you to choose between minutes, hours, days, and weeks. It brings up the event menu. 06:56 PM. 09:47 PM. Low — delivers a notification and a short sound.