Iguana Bikes M$150-250 for 24 hours, Kelly M$100 for 24 hours (July 2017). You can also take your own self-guided tour of the reefs right off the beach from the Hotel Zone. For this reason, it is best to avoid all high-rises and accommodations in downtown Rosarito. Look for the word “CARNITAS” on top. These sources update and report data on various regular and irregular schedules, so from time to time there may be discrepancies between data reported here and data reported by individual sources. When returning there is an unmarked u-turn in Tijuana you need to take to get back to the United States. It heavily damaged the cruise ship dock and destroyed much of the small village. Latest travel advice for Mexico, including how to stay safe during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and information on returning to the UK. There are also a number of affordable beach front cabana-type lodging locations. The resort village is gated, so you’ll have to park in the lot outside of the gate and take a small walk. The Toll Road (Mexico 1D – Cuota) is much easier and faster on getting to Rosarito. El Tajin (El Tajín) is in the state of Veracruz in Mexico. Cash is still the best option as many times the ATM machines do not work or are out of cash. Ticket prices are about US$15. The history of Puerto Nuevo – in the 1950s and early 1960s this was a little fishing village where Americans would meet local guides at the billboard off the road. You can exchange money in the most banks upon arrival, too. In August 2007, Hurricane Dean landed just north of Mahahual. Wie sahen die Veränderungen im Detail aus? Vandaag een trendy en must-see op het lijstje bij al wie Mexico als bestemming over de tongen gaat. It is advisable to either take a taxi or rent a bike when traveling between the ‘Pueblo’ and the beach, as the walk is rather long, dusty and unattractive. If you are looking for quiet tranquil beaches, away from the crowds, drive through Mahahual and continue 4 kilometers along the coastal road. “El Pueblo”, as referred to by locals, is home to most workers of the tourist industry and where many of the stores, supermarkets, two bus stations, budget inns, hostels and small hotels are found. There are 2 main roads to Rosarito coming from Tijuana/San Diego. An der Karibikküste werden die ersten Städte unruhig. April 2020 den Gesundheitsnotstand ausgerufen. Check with your credit card company to see if they automatically insure you, most do so you don’t have to pay the additional insurance that the rental agency often tries to insist you purchase. 14-day change trends use 7-day averages. As you approach a stone wall, to the left will be a brown wooden building where you can purchase your ticket into the ruins (M$51, an additional M$35 if they see that you have a video camera). The site is notable for a small cenote, beautiful beaches below the ruin laden cliffs and some well preserved stellae in one of structure. Over 30 species of fish and some spectacular coral. Look for a line of cars with American plates making a u-turn. Gefangen im Urlaubsparadies Tulum. Rosarito Beach is a fast-growing town. For so many in Mexico, this has been the pandemic's impossible choice. Tulum is mostly known for its ruins, which strike an impressive image next to the sea. Laut Autopsie haben die vier Beamten der Frau das Genick durch unverhältnismäßige Gewalt gebrochen. Während einige warnen, sieht der Präsident des Landes kein Problem. La Flor de Michoacan, on the north side of town on Benito Juarez, has a well-deserved reputation with tourists and locals alike. If you take a guided tour, the cheapest in the area is located at Zamas Hotel. Even if the accident is not your fault, you will be held until that’s cleared. There are a large number of remaining edifices to be seen, some include multilingual information stands. In Mexiko richtet das Coronavirus schwere wirtschaftliche Schäden an. Walk the beach and step in and inquire about accommodations and rates. Rental cars are priced reasonably and are the easiest way to get around the Tulum area. There are really three different areas referred to as Tulum. Eerst kwamen de reizigers, dan de toeristen. From there, head along a stone path through the jungle and into the ruins. The guides are reported to be better story tellers than actual experts on Mayan culture. There is a small charge for entering the grounds. Carnitas plates are served two different ways. Rosarito is a Municipality in Baja California, Mexico. Mexico, which now has the fourth-highest death toll globally from the coronavirus, has reported 36,906 fatalities and 317,635 infections. While the drinks aren’t the cheapest in town, they aren’t overpriced, and you’re not going to pay a cover. The Malecon is a pedestrian walkway with the beach to the east and businesses to the west. If you go to Rosarito for food a must stop is Puerto Nuevo located just 8 minutes south of Rosarito. Cenotes usually allow swimming and diving, and rent related equipment. This is the main highway to take you to Rosarito, Ensenada, and the western part of Tijuana (Las Playas). Mexico Coronavirus update with statistics and graphs: total and new cases, deaths per day, mortality and recovery rates, current active cases, recoveries, trends and timeline. A better alternative is to use a normal payphone in the pueblo, or use a Mexican cellphone (There is reception on the beach, but make sure to recharge in the pueblo beforehand. After passing the small bridge of Rio Bermejo (hardly a river, more a small stream connecting the mangrove waters with the ocean) you will find small ecological hotels, restaurants and rental houses, all beachfront. Unlike many Mayan sites it is not possible to enter or walk on the structures. Also, there are 8 restaurants in town with the name Ortegas. Although the digs are cheap, you are around 3 km from the beach (which is why you came here isn’t it?). Enjoy the culture and charm of this small and diverse village. The best bet is for people to go to privately owned Villas or Condos or Houses. During the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, The Weather Channel is providing this data as a service to our users. Until now, Mexico has also been a world outlier in refusing to implement restrictions on international air passengers, ... Playa del Carmen and Tulum. ... Corona-Krise in Mexiko Nur ein bisschen Gel auf die Hand 04.06.2020. It is a very easy drive to Tulum. You can also take a taxi from the airport from US$145. It’s an easy one mile or so flat walk to the ruins from the intersection. Yes we earn our pounds in the UK then convert into Euros. Bus station is at southern end of Fifth Avenue near Playacar. Benalmadena Coronavirus (COVID-19) Costa del Sol Travel Report, Torremolinos  Coronavirus (COVID-19) Costa del Sol Travel Report, Mijas Coronavirus (COVID-19) Costa del Sol Travel Report, Los Cristianos Coronavirus (COVID-19) Tenerife Travel Report, Copyright 1995 - 2021 by Isaan.live. ), pay for a shuttle ride to the ruins (M$20), or walk a mile along a road to the ruins. Listings of all three types are plentiful and readily found everywhere. You can also take the ADO bus to Playa del Carmen with departures nearly every hour for about US$12. Former founder of Asiarooms.com and now reporting mainly on the Asia Pacific region and the global Coronavirus crises in countries such as Thailand, Germany & Switzerland. Wie gehen die Menschen in Mexiko mit der Krise um? There are not too many restaurant options on the beach, and the ones that are operational are quite expensive. Die Menschen sind aufgerufen, nach Möglichkeit zu Hause zu bleiben, Restaurants sind geschlossen, viele Hotels ebenfalls bzw. Hotels are closing in Tulum, stores are closing, restaurants and bars. Travelers should avoid all travel to Mexico. Thousands of people just got laid off, who were already making minimum wage. If you turn off of 307 and vere into town away from the main strip you can discover tons of tiny establishments and get a feel for the truly sleepy town of Tulum. Some Taxi Drivers may charge more, though. En Corona House disfrutaras al máximo los mejores eventos deportivos, música, … You can purchase a shuttle service of your choice from Cancun airport and to your destination, which is usually a bit inexpensive. The walk is on level ground and passes quickly as you admire the jungle and abandoned shops along the way. Every day a couple of cruise ships dock and the occupants are disgorged onto the town to drink, shop, swim and ride jet skis and quad bikes. This is the likely derivation of the name. Many of the hotels in Tulum offer a pick-up service from the airport for an additional US$80-120 depending on the hotel. By examining crime data and tourist numbers, public policy think-tank México Evalúa found that mounting violence in tourist regions is … First begun around AD 100, it was occupied and developed mainly around AD 600 to 900, and later abandoned. If this is you, shell out the extra couple dollars and get the solid pork. ), Guadalajara | Covid-19 Travel Restrictions | Lockdown | Coronavirus Outbreak, Lack of Protective Gear Leaves Mexican Nurses Battling Covid-19 in Fear. It is highly recommended to have Mexican pesos upon arrival, as taxi drivers may charge you more if you carry dollars only and pay in dollars. Cheesy souvenir stands surround the complex, along with a few restaurants. You can call Five Star Tours at 619 232 5040. Gibt es noch weitere gestrandete Touristen in Tulum? Tulum Ruinas is the archaeological site where the Maya ruins of Tulum stand. Mexiko hat zunächst bis 30. El Tajin, Totonac for ‘thunder’ or ‘lightning’, is a group of sacred buildings where ceremonies and religious sporting events were held. Wearing a hat is a good idea as the jungle temperatures and sunshine can be draining. You must go through a sort of half open-air mall (which is empty before 8AM). Follow the signs on the freeway, but be careful the signs usually appear only at the turnoffs. You’ll be hard-pressed to spend more than US$10 a person, even with a pitcher or two of margaritas. The bar has a patio right next to the beach, making it the perfect place to drink a beer or margarita and watch the sunset. There are no hotels but the site is near Poza Rica, Papantla, or the small beach resort of Tecolutla. There are a lot of beautiful hand crafted Mexican pottery and fabrics. Tourists in the beautiful turquoise waters beneath the Mayan ruins of Tulum, Mexico Image zoom Tourists swimming in the sea next to the Mayan Ruins of Tulum, Mexico on December 4, 2020. In the zona hotelera (at the beach) really simple rundown cabanas with shared bath and without seaview are sold for M$550. Tulum is on the Yucatán Peninsula, in Mexico. The road is flanked by several restaurants, a commercial area geared to one-day visitors, a huge parking lot, a small bus station that operates part-time and a handful of middle range hotels. Shop around rates upon arrival, and feel free to haggle. Tip: if you aren’t spending the big bucks to stay right in the beach, stay in town to the east of Ado bus stop on the main drag, keep within 2 blocks north or south of that main Street, it gets darker and sketchier the further you venture out at night. There are also markets in town on 307 in the main stretch of town. Go out, earn a living, but risk your life. Staying just a few km outside of town will keep you from the majority of the cruise traffic. They were mainly constructed during the waning period of Maya culture, with the site occupied until the Spanish arrived. The closest airport is Cancún International Airport  . Xcaret Eco-archaeological park in the Mayan Riviera, Xcalak – Remote village for Great fishing and diving. The nice sandy beaches provide great swimming and snorkelling opportunities. Anno 2020 is Tulum internationaal een “topbestemming” geworden met naar schatting meer dan 2 miljoen toeristen per jaar. Ticket prices should be around M$5 one way. If you keep your eye out for signs that indicate any of these three locations it is easier to drive in Mexico, but remember that the toll (cuota) and free (libre) route often split from the same road so may careful attention to the signs to avoid taking the wrong road. After crossing the border get into the 3rd lane (counting out from the median), in about 100 meters you’ll be on an overpass and a 4th lane will bring on merging traffic, move over to the 4th lane and an offramp to the right will take you to the Via International/Carretera Mexico 1D. Loud music coming from the clubs is a persistent problem that tourists face when they try to go to sleep every night. Be prepared for lots of people and tour groups at the archaeological site. The patient in Mexico City is a 35-year-old male who recently traveled to Italy for a conference. The Beachcomber lies in the central part of town in a resort village. Taxis are an inexpensive way to get around but for the most part, Tulum ‘Pueblo’ is so small that walking is a simple, though often dusty, option. If you must travel to Mexico, get fully vaccinated before travel. There are several sites of Classical Period Mayan ruins close enough for a day-visit. If you want non-perishable items, grab some snacks to supplement your meals at the Super San Francisco Food Mart. Because of the current situation in Mexico even fully vaccinated travelers may be at risk for getting and spreading COVID-19 variants and should avoid all travel to Mexico. Also try a few other cool spots in Tulum that offer fun drink specials with a hip tropical flair: The sleeping options have a poor price-performance ratio. Mahahual | Covid-19 Travel Restrictions | Lockdown | Coronavirus Outbreak, Xcalak | Covid-19 Travel Restrictions | Lockdown | Coronavirus Outbreak, Merida | Covid-19 Travel Restrictions | Lockdown | Coronavirus Outbreak. Mexico is the first Latin American country to roll out a vaccine program for COVID-19. One of the best ways to visit Rosarito Beach is by going on a one day tour from San Diego. Tourist hotspot, Quintana Roo, a state on the Caribbean side of Mexico, is home to mainstay beach vacation spots such as Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum. Fresh sea food right off the boat, head south on the old road, at the Fox studios, there is a fishing village on the south side of the complex, about twenty restaurants, lots of locals and traffic on Sundays! Most of the restaurants in town are infinitely cheaper than those at the resorts. Don’t expect any notices before the turnoffs. From there you can either sign up with a tour guide (US$20 per person? Morning is recommended since you can catch spectacular vistas when the sun is rising over the Caribbean. Also, arrive early most check=in times are around eleven and on busy holiday it will be very hard to find a room. Quintana Roo, where Tulum and Cancun are, had a 23% increase in American visitors compared with 2019, The Post reported, adding that about 100 flights from the US were landing in the region every day. Buses from Playa Del Carmen run hourly or so. When you arrive at km 15, there is a turn off to the right, take it to either return to Mahahual or continue to Xcalak. If you continue on the beach road, you will find lots of empty bays,only a few rental houses on the road side. A longterm resident of Bangkok, Udon Thani, Sakon Nakhon and Phuket. To get there you take the only highway south from Cancun Airport straight down past Playa del Carmen, Akumal, etc. That billboard was for Newport Cigaretts – Puerto Nuevo is Newport in Spanish. Taxis from ‘Pueblo’ to the coast is M$70-90. Born near Cologne but lived in Berlin during my early teenage years. Please be careful when riding a bike on the highway. The village was rebuilt, cruise ships returned, and many nice hotels opened. There is also access to the beach here as well. It is a UNESCO World Heritage List. Wyndham Hotels announced it will open a new 96-room hotel in Tulum in the first half of 2021, part of a plan to open 10 new hotels in Mexico. There are only minutes away from each other, not close enough though to walk to and from. 1,788 were here. Puerto Nuevo is a fun stop – the lobster is good – and you have plenty of choices for food, shopping and people watching! The ride will take about 2 hours. February 17, 2021 Reader forum A 35-year-old man and a 59-year-old man in Mexico City and a 41-year-old man in the northern state of Sinaloa tested positive and were held in isolation at a hospital and a hotel, respectively. You will not necessarily be over run with the tourists from the cruise ships, when they leave you have this sleepy town to yourself. Partytourismus in Mexiko trotz Corona: Trag deine verdammte Maske, Gringo. The 10 km square site is located near the small cities of Poza Rica and Papantla, located on the Atlantic coast of Mexico, directly east of Mexico City. Taxis have a near monopoly on transport to and from the playa. ... Zum Beispiel in Tulum, einem karibischem Urlaubsort auf der … Wichtig ist, daß die Atemschutzmasken gegen den Coronavirus der FFP3 beziehungsweise FFP2 Norm entsprechen. You can catch an ADO bus to Tulum directly three times a day: 2:10PM, 7:45PM and 8:45PM. Walk around, don’t go in the first one, lots of English-speaking deported Mexicans trying to get you into their restaurant. Mayab bus stops more frequently en route to Tulum from Playa Del Carmen. Please send any inquiries about the data presented here to covid19@weather.com. The Free Road (Mexico 1 – Libre) goes through Tijuana and can be harder to follow. Enjoy the many resturants and shopping along the sandy beaches located in town. Now based on Mallorca, Spain. There are not too many restaurant options on the beach, and the ones that are operational are comparatively quite expensive. From the port: Organized tours are also available from a variety of companies. There are many tours offered from Costa Maya port and the town of Mahahual to meet all kinds of demands. This can be purchased online or at numerous agencies at the border in San Ysidro. Collectivo run infrequently from the pueblo to the beaches (M$20), If cenotes and revival ruins are more your thing renting a car is advisable. Quick-Infos zu Christian. Just pick up ice in the morning and the cooler will stay cold until night time. Electricity is generated with solar panels, wind mills and most of the businesses use a generator as a back up. A great fan of Bali, Rhodes & Corfu. There’s usually a cover, and sometimes a line, but the positive side is that if you are looking to dance, meet new people and have some cervezas, you will find what you are looking for here. Bikes are a convenient way to get around town and to/from cenotes and the beach. To avoid the crowds, it is best to stay overnight and visit the ruins early in the morning before the buses arrive, or later in the afternoon. The whole tourist industry lies on Benito Juarez, the main street in town. Weite Teile des öffentlichen Lebens und der wirtschaftlichen Aktivität sind damit zum Erliegen gekommen. On 28 February, Mexico confirmed its first three cases. They are fresh water and are often quite cold (24°C). However a large cruise ship docking jetty dubbed “Puerto Costa Maya” has been constructed just up the beach. The site is popular with tourists and can be crowded on some weekends. Even if you hit livestock on the road, you the driver are at fault. Some of the ruins used to be in poor condition and littered, but they are now well maintained (Dec 2018). About 90 minutes from the airport you will arrive in Tulum. For about US$15 you can take a taxi to Rosarito. Buses come from time to time, but hitchhiking can also get you where you need to go. These phones require you to purchase a special proprietary card of at least M$100, and the cards cannot be used at regular payphones. El Tajin was rediscovered by the Spanish in 1785. Buses from Cancun run quite regularly. There have been at least 2,256,300 cases of the coronavirus in Mexico, according to the National Agency of … If you don’t buy it, have fun in jail. Latest COVID-19 coronavirus data and map for Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico The hotels in Tulum aim to keep Tulum as it is and stop the ecological problems that have already taken hold in Cancun and Playa Del Carmen. Tulum Playa embraces many of the fancier, ecological, boutique and spa hotels, and it has a decent to excellent selection of restaurants and night spots. As soon as you park, a man on a bicycle should find you and charge you for parking (M$50). From the airport: ADO bus service is now available to and from Mahahual from either the airport, central station Cancun or the stations in Playa del Carmen. Mexico, which now has the fourth-highest death toll globally from the coronavirus, has reported 36,906 fatalities and 317,635 infections. One day the wife of a fisherman starting cooking the fish her husband and his clients caught… and the restaurant business was born. Another safer feeling area is anywhere along the main road to the beach, but keep on the south end of the main road, especially if riding a bike, that hwy is a pain to cross, Note: You may encounter problems if you try to make phone calls from the beach. Many cater to tourists however be sure to give them a look anyway. Bikes are available for rent from various shops in Pueblo. Quintan Roo have reopened. The Weather Channel has compiled data provided by multiple third party sources including the World Health Organization, state and local agencies and other public sources as outlined below. If you can walk it, do it and save a few bucks! That original restaurant is known as #2 (this has to do with the lot numbering system); #1 was the second restaurant in town. Rain water is captured on roof decks and collected in systerns used tio shower and flushing toilets. The toll cost will be about M$30 (about US$2.50) each way. After visiting other ruins in the area such as Coba, Chichen Itza and Ek Balam, Tulum’s main claim is the sea-side setting. There’s plenty of taxis as well. Tulum is on the Yucatán Peninsula, in Mexico.It is one of the earliest resorts in Mexico, offering a place of worship and solitude for the Mayan kings, clergy and gods in early times.The tropical beach backdrop is the main attraction of this picturesque, much … The beaches of Mahahual are often restaurant concessions that provide many services to you. Once in Playa del Carmen you transfer to a second bus to Tulum for an additional US$5. Venture out onto the water with unlimiited water excursions. For a big club experience, check out Papas & Beer  . The building is hard to miss, an imposing brick structure on a corner with a stop sign. Off the downtown, a few meters ahead on the left of the street entering Villas Tulum is. They are related and the competition is not all that friendly. You can buy a cooler here which is great for having cold drinks on the beach each day. Key Information for Travelers to Mexico.

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